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Teree Castanias - Chapter Treasurer

posted Feb 21, 2013, 9:32 PM by The Administrator   [ updated May 3, 2013, 11:22 AM ]

Teree Castanias
Chapter Treasurer

I have had the “horse crazy” disease for as long as I can remember.  Being the oldest of five kids and having non-horsey parents curtailed my involvement with horses to just some trail riding as a kid.  But the disease does not go away!  Rick and I took a trip to England in 1978, and had a great “trail ride” English style – walk, trot, canter and dead run!  It was a blast!  So, I found time and money to start taking lessons.  There are a lot of things to get over when you start riding as an adult – fear being the biggest one.  It took me a while to conquer that one to the point where I actually made progress.

Rick and I have had 15 horses over the last 30 years.  Everyone has been special and taught us many things.  My two most special horses are Coco Chanel and Hartman.  I am truly blessed to have had both of them in my life. I am starting at the beginning again with my new horse, San Giorgio, and he promises to be as wonderful as Coco and Hartman!  I have been lucky enough to achieve my bronze, silver and gold medals in dressage.  It is amazing what can be achieved with sheer determination!  I would never have thought that possible when I started in 1978!

In addition to my horse habit, I am a CPA.  I worked for over 32 years for KPMG as a tax partner.  Now I have my own tax compliance and consulting firm in Dixon.  I actually enjoy accounting, and particularly tax!  For me, it is a puzzle, and I love working with people to help take the mystery out of accounting and the tax law.  So it makes sense that I have been the Chapter Treasurer for more years than I can count!