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posted Feb 8, 2012, 11:53 AM by The Administrator   [ updated Feb 9, 2012, 9:58 PM ]



On January 20-21, Lynne Powell, and Maurya Falkner, Sac Valley co-chairs, attended the CDS Annual Meeting in Rancho Cordova.  Friday evening, CDS had a welcome party and we were able to network with Chapter representatives throughout the State.  

Saturday, the annual meeting was held and it was full of information relevant to our Chapter members.

2012 Regional Adult Amateur Competition (RAAC):  2 scores of 60% from any test at any level qualifies you to participate in the RAAC.  If you plan on going to the RAAC you must have proof that you are an Amateur.  Amateur riders must be current members of CDS and must have a USEF Amateur Card.  USEF Amateur cards are available to anyone without being required to join USEF.  This should be done before the RAAC show.

2012 CDS Championship Show:  In recognition of CDS’s 45th Anniversary, the new lower Qualifying Scores are:  Training Level 65% Open, 63% Adult Amateur; 1st level 64% open, 62% Adult Amateur; 2nd Level 63% Open and 61% Adult Amateur.  All other scores remain as is for 3rd level and above.  1st place winners in the Elite and Novice Division of the 2012 RAAC Show will automatically qualify to compete at the CDS 2012 Championship Show.  Winning horse and rider entered in the South and Central RAAC shows will be given an additional 5 days to enter the Championship Show without late fees being assessed.


CDS Dressage Championship Show’s Seat Equitation Challenge for Riders:  These classes will be open to Juniors and Adult Amateurs competing in any other class at the Championship Show.  Information on class conduct, procedures and policies will be coming out next month.

CDS Facebook Page:  Did you know that besides the CDS Web page they also have a Facebook page?

The Adult Amateur clinic CDS Standing Rules:  Riders must meet all the CDS requirements to participate in the AA Clinic.  These requirements are posted on the CDS website.  Selection of qualified riders is up to each Chapter.  While a rider application is not necessary to be considered for the AA Clinic, once selected a bio of both horse and rider must be submitted to CDS before the closing date.  Another big change is that auditing the Adult Amateur Clinic is free, though donations will be welcomed.

Regional  Meeting:  Chapter Chairs met by Region. Michelle Vaughn is Director for the Northern California Region, as well as Chair of the Valley Oak Chapter.  Our Chapter will co-chair the RAAC with the Valley Oak Chapter and Golden State Dressage.  We gained a lot of insight into what other Chapters are doing and were surprised that we had more funds than most.


Round Table discussion:  Following the Regional meetings, round table discussions on such topics as the Adult Amateur clinic, The RAAC, Scholarships, JR/YR Riders, Governance and New Chair Orientation occurred.  Saturday’s meeting also included veterinary lectures on Advancement in Regenerative Therapies and the second one on Dental Assessments. Both lectures were given by Loomis Basin equine veterinarians. Throughout the day attendees had the opportunity to participate in a Chapter basket silent auction.  We took pictures so next year we will know what it takes to have an awesome basket. 


Saturday evening, there was dinner, awards and a live auction.    After a few baskets were auctioned off, every one enjoyed the fun of auctioning off some of the men.  All proceeds to go toward the CDS Scholarship Fund. Winning bids won a dance and some were lucky enough to get a clinic lined up. 


Our own, Maurya won Alfredo Hernandez who will be giving her a private piaffe and passage lesson in the future. 
On Sunday, we met up with other SVC Members for the Symposium featuring Kevin Reinig, Shannon Peters and Alfredo Hernandez. 


Not only did we have a fun and educational time, we have a greater appreciation of all that CDS does.

Lynne Powell and Maurya Falkner



Kevin Reinig                                    Alfredo Hernandez                         Shannon Peters