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2013 SVC Dressage Camp a Success!

posted Oct 3, 2013, 11:20 PM by The Administrator   [ updated Oct 4, 2013, 1:24 PM ]
The 8th Annual Sacramento CDS Dressage Camp was blessed with beautiful weather this year.   Dressage Instructors Claus Bergener and Carla Bauchmueller gave wonderful hour long private lessons to campers.  Lessons were a pleasure to audit as well and the range of lessons covered everything from the most basic foundation elements of riding to introducing the flying lead changes and piaffe to horse/rider pairs who were ready for the more advanced stuff.  Educational instructors included Jackie McRae on the cross country course, and Robyn Dorius with a saddle fit demo using a painted horse.

Tiramisu at Dressage Camp?   This year the participants of the Sacramento Valley Dressage camp were treated  to fabulous cuisine from a local restaurateur.  Imagine a day of French food, then Greek and Italian.  Not only was the food wonderful, the serene atmosphere set the tone, and the camper fellowship was special.  The camp provided a wonderful 4 day vacation for many.  Just to state of few of the camper’s comments:

            “I love the way you encourage new riders because without that piece the sport doesn’t gain members to help0 support it.

            “I would love to come again and I have 4 people for sure that would go and they ride dressage.  I can’t wait to practice what I’ve learned and come back”

            “I learned a lot of things I was not expecting”

            I felt both instructors worked well in helping me and my horse.  I have a clearer understanding of our communication with each other.

Speakers “ very informative information and was really relevant. -

Pharmaceutical  rep - “evidence based, priceless”

Saddle Fitting -  “awesome, helped my horse and me”

Catering – “amazing bring him back next year.  Food could not be better, I am a trained chef.  It  was so relaxing to know that I was being taken care of.”