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Area report on the inspection/mare performance test by California Hanoverian Association member, Cheryl Capilla, Saturday August 20, 2011 (Modified by Lynne Powell)

posted Sep 6, 2011, 6:20 PM by The Administrator   [ updated Sep 6, 2011, 6:47 PM ]
It was a glorious day at the lovely Lucchetti Ranch, with well-managed facilities and format.  Everything ran smoothly, thanks to Kevin and Erica Reinig (KEFA Performance Horses).  The judges today were Konrad Both and George Walker.  Mr. Walker did a fabulous job commenting on each entry, with a clear, loud, easily understood voice and helpful suggestions throughout.  He was very approachable, and invited questions repeatedly.  Congratulations are in order to Kevin & Erika Reinig with the high point mare of the day, London Heir (Londonderry-EM Dorina/Donnerschall).  Also a shining star was Teree Castanias homebred mare, Sophia Rose, who scored a 7.55 overall to be the high scoring mare in the mare performance test.  I must note that all four mares entered in the mare performance test passed, with the lowest score being a 7.22, and are therefore elite eligible.  Mr. Walker noted that all mares had been well prepared for the jumping and riding portions of the test, which they don't always see.  He also noted that Sandy Savage did an excellent job riding Sophia Rose, and praised her technique.  Sandy also rode her newest acquisition bred by Liz Jenner's Gateway Farm, Releve" (Rotspon-MS Welteje/Welt Klasse), and earned 8.5 for rideability.
There were five mares inspected, all Hanoverian, with only one becoming elite eligible.  That was London Heir (Kevin & Erika's mare). She was absolutely beautiful! 

The top filly this year was by Domiro out of SPS Ramina/Ramiro's Bube owned and bred by Megan Vincent (Lucchetti Ranch).  The top colt award went to Deanna Kacer's Sir Donnerhall- EM Grand Cervelle/Grand Cru colt.  Congratulations Deanna! 

The Sacramento Valley Dressage Chapter congratulates members, Kevin & Erika Reinig, Teree Castanias, Megan Vincent, and Deanna Kacer for their outstanding job at the inspection.  Way to go.