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Fundraising to Help Horses in Need

posted Oct 11, 2013, 8:55 PM by The Administrator   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 2:39 PM ]

Editor's Note (Dec 22, 2013): Our  Sacramento Valley CDS Members  have donated $425 to this fund and our Chapter has made a matching donation of $212.50 making the total contributions from our Chapter $637.50 !!    A huge thank you to our members who donated to this very worthy cause!

Dear Sacramento Valley CDS Members,

The USEF has issued a A Call To Action of all equestrians nationwide to donate to the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund in order to help thousands of horses in Colorado survive the aftermath of the flooding devastation there.  

The Sacramento Valley CDS Chapter will match donations made by our Chapter members to this fund at $1 for every $2 donated by our members up to a maximum of $250 from the Chapter.  We are urging all Chapter members to take the time to send $10, $20, or more, in order to help these horses in Colorado.  After you donate, please forward your email confirmation to our Board at  rdorius@msn.com  so that we can donate the matching funds.

Although this natural disaster is no longer making news in California, it could be the largest disaster to affect the equestrian community in US history.  The historic flooding in Colorado devastated 4500 square miles of terrain, destroyed 50 bridges, 200 miles of highways and countless miles of smaller roads.  There are estimated to be thousands of horses in this area at risk of abandonment, and starvation.  And winter will soon be here.   The USEF Fund is supporting the relief effort which requires airlifting hay and other supplies to stranded horse owners and caretakers in these now isolated areas.

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