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Luna Tunes Freestyle Clinic

posted May 1, 2014, 11:42 PM by The Administrator   [ updated May 2, 2014, 10:41 PM ]


Eight fortunate riders were able to compete in the SVCDS latest Chapter Activity.  Cynthia Collins, of Luna Tunes provided riders and spectators alike with informative and amazing music and freestyle movements.  Cynthia provided riders and auditors with an educational lecture and video of the USEF, USDF AND FEI rules regarding freestyles.   As participates enjoyed delicious pot luck, Cynthia tirelessly went through the rules.  Everyone learned a lot and were eager to see the rides the next day.

Cynthia spent Saturday assessing the tempo in each of the gaits of all the riders’ horses.  All 8 horses were different, ranging from Mustang, Thoroughbreds, Morgan and Warmbloods.  It was interesting to see the horses’ reaction to the different types of music.  You could clearly see what music the horses did not like.  It did not take long for the auditors to voice their opinions about the music Cynthia would play.  When the tempo of the music matched the tempo of the horse it was clear what songs worked for the horse and rider.  By the end of the day music was chosen for each horse’s walk, trot and canter.

On Sunday, Cynthia worked on the choreography of each horse’s level from Training to 4th level.  She concentrated on designing each test to show the horse’s expressive movements and flow with the music. 

Riders and auditors had a wonderful time and have a better understanding of how freestyle is put together and what it takes to show freestyle.