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Potpourri Farm Trophy (Retired)

posted Feb 11, 2014, 12:00 AM by The Administrator

Potpourri Farm Trophy (Retired)
Awarded for High Score at Second Level
Donated by:  Potpourri Farm
Past Winners:

1994  Inez Fort on Lily's Lupine
1995  Dorothy Pierce on Valliant Bismarch
1996 Jennatte Scanlon on Whitworth
1997 Lynn McEnespy on D'Eclaire
1998 Brian Guthrie on Elfenkonig
1999  Valorie Mackey on Orion
2000  Ericka Moore on Picardie
2001  Ericka Moore on Domiro
2003 Creeky Routson on Anuschka
2004 Christine Sparks on Sparks of Fire
2005 Deborah Moody On Trinity
2006  Katherine Sievers on Diva
2010  Gaelin Arbios on Touchstone
2011  Ellie Johnson on Reflex
2012  Fiona Cameron on Laurio