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Teree Castanias - Chapter Treasurer

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Teree Castanias
Chapter Treasurer

I have had the “horse crazy” disease for as long as I can remember.  Being the oldest of five kids and having non-horsey parents curtailed my involvement with horses to just some trail riding as a kid.  But the disease does not go away!  Rick and I took a trip to England in 1978, and had a great “trail ride” English style – walk, trot, canter and dead run!  It was a blast!  So, I found time and money to start taking lessons.  There are a lot of things to get over when you start riding as an adult – fear being the biggest one.  It took me a while to conquer that one to the point where I actually made progress.

Rick and I have had 15 horses over the last 30 years.  Everyone has been special and taught us many things.  My two most special horses are Coco Chanel and Hartman.  I am truly blessed to have had both of them in my life. I am starting at the beginning again with my new horse, San Giorgio, and he promises to be as wonderful as Coco and Hartman!  I have been lucky enough to achieve my bronze, silver and gold medals in dressage.  It is amazing what can be achieved with sheer determination!  I would never have thought that possible when I started in 1978!

In addition to my horse habit, I am a CPA.  I worked for over 32 years for KPMG as a tax partner.  Now I have my own tax compliance and consulting firm in Dixon.  I actually enjoy accounting, and particularly tax!  For me, it is a puzzle, and I love working with people to help take the mystery out of accounting and the tax law.  So it makes sense that I have been the Chapter Treasurer for more years than I can count!

Annette Pressas - Chapter Chair

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Annette Pressas
Chapter Chair

Annette Pressas was born with cowboy boots on. At least, that's the way her family remembers it. Since her first trophy earned riding as a toddler in a parade, Annette had the bug to show and ride elegant horses. 

She already was horse crazy and began showing with her first pony, an ornery Shetland that was gorgeous. Annette collected more horses and rode in 4-H and local schooling shows in western disciplines, never with formal lessons outside of 4-H. She bought her first English saddle for her horse, Gloridel, an Anglo-Arab, but didn't get formal English instruction until a physical education class at Texas Women's University where she began jumping. Annette fell in love with the beauty, precision and athleticism of dressage after attending the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  In 1999, she began her training in dressage. A year later she bought her beloved partner, Frappuccino. Annette joined the CDS in 2001 when she and Frappe won the SVC Schooling Show Series Championship at Intro level. In 2006 Annette and Frappe qualified for championships at first level and first level freestyle. Three weeks before championships, Frappe suffered a career-ending injury. When Frappe was forced to retire, he and Annette had fulfilled one of her dreams to perform a freestyle. 

She began full training with her sister's horse, Tyler, and they were headed for the showring. He died suddenly from a lipoma that caused colic, devastating Annette. She would not quit her dreams and bought a baby, Fez, a KWPN, in early 2011. He was 7 months old. Annette and Fez have big plans together. 
Annette studied the rules of dressage at all levels and became the go-to gal for anybody with technical questions. She began serving on the Sacramento Valley Chapter of CDS in various positions in the early 2000s and has volunteered as a scribe at many shows.

Julie Smith - Education Coordinator

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Julie Smith
Education Coordinator

I have loved horses from my earliest memories. After years of watching from afar, I began riding at the age of 10. From that time, horses have always been a part of my life.  I have been a member of CDS for approximately 25 years, with my participation ebbing and flowing as other work/life responsibilities took precedence.  

I am now retired from a 30 year career at UC Davis, and live with my husband Stan in the hills of Vacaville.  We have country property that allows me to have my horses at home as well as board a few horses too!

I currently am riding a 7 year old Hanoverian mare "Fabrizia".  We competed this past year at 1st level and are schooling 2nd level with hopes of competing at that level next year.  I also have a 5 year old homebred mare "ReJoyce". We haven't competed yet, but hope to next year.  I never thought I would have a redheaded mare, and now I have two and love them both.

Kathy Ramirez - Chapter Secretary

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Kathy Ramirez
Chapter Secretary

I didn’t get “horse fever” until I was 37 with an 8-year-old Quarter horse mare, Missy.  She packed me around on trail rides, we had great adventures in the Renaissance Fairs and just about any “horsing” around.   When Missy had a 2 year lay up, I acquired an Arabian mare, Pretty Girl.  PG introduced me to Dressage and I was hooked.  I then fell in love with Weltino, a Weltrum Hannoverian gelding at the age of 3 and I was in my late 40’s.  It was quite a journey this Dressage learning how to ride and train at the same time.  Years of many lessons with many clinicians.  I also took on Big Al to help me with PSG but Weltino soon went past both of us and he took me to Intermediate I.  When he passed away, I thought I would never ride again.  My friends in Germany sent me a wonderful young Hannoverian gelding, Frontman affectionately called Fin.  However, the couple of years not riding, Fin being an exuberant 5-year-old youngster, oh and let’s not mention I am now considered “old”, I had to send him off to Pony Camp.  I hope to get him back soon but in the meantime, I am riding a very energetic mare at the nice age of 17, Rosie.  Love her to pieces too.  Guess the “horse fever” will never go away….

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