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About us

The Sacramento Valley Chapter of the California Dressage Society (SVCCDS) was established in 1969.  As one of the oldest chapters in California, SVCCDS has fostered and promoted the sport of dressage for over 50 years.   

SVCCDS is a non-profit organization of amatuer, professional, and youth members whose interests range from dressage to other sporthorse-related endeavors including eventing and breeding.

Our members gather to exchange ideas, host activities and events, develop their skills, and help each other enjoy their horses and the sport.

SVCCDS Financial Information is available to Chapter Members upon request. 

Sacramento Valley Chapter Board

Chapter Chair:  Kristin Mills

Secretary:  Nancy Johnson

Treasurers:  Carlee Arnett

Adult Camp :  Julie Smith

Communications Director:  Pamela Carroll

Social Media Coordinator: Maddy Kent

Events Coordinator: Francesca Campagna

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