SVC Series Trophies

Intro – Fourth level

Trophies will be awarded to the SVC Adult Amateur or Junior/Young Rider member with the highest three score average at each level.   The scores must be from at least 2 different judges and earned at a CDS recognized show during the regular qualifying show season.  CDS Championship scores do not count.  Freestyles do not count.  


Estrella Trophy~ Donated by Robyn Dorius

Introductory Level

2022 Winner:  Not awarded

Sailor-Winston Trophy~ Donated by Barbara Kendrick

Training Level

2022 Winner: 

Quinn Cunningham & Goliath owner Christiane Noelting

AVG 69.36%

G&R Trophy

First Level

2022 Winner: 

Jocelyn Dragges & Bellisambrosso RTH 

owner Alannah Sellers

AVG 71.43%

Rhythm & Blues Memorial Trophy

Second Level

2022 Winner: 

Constanza Zamani & Gentle D

AVG 70.08%

King Edso Trophy~ Donated by Teree and Rick Castanias

Third Level

2022 Winner: 

Elaine La Motta & Stanford LR

 AVG 67.78%

Windsor Trophy~ Donated by Alison Knickerbocker

Fourth Level

2022 Winner: 

Ava Dingley & Sir Furstenhanz

AVG 68.88%

Asgaard Award

SVC Adult Amateur rider over age 40, any level.

2022 Winner: 

Carlee Arnett & Sonoma

AVG 68.70% (Training) 

Pinnacle Award~ Donated by Christiane Noelting

FEI Amateur, any level, may combine levels.  Two scores from two judges.

2022 Winner: 

Nichole Tuscher & LL Darkh Image++++//

AVG 63.45%